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About the National Council for the People with Disabilities

The topic of the disability started being attended for him federal Mexican government during the administration of 1994-2000 where it was created the office of representation for the promotion and social integration of the persons with disability.
(after that) Hereinafter, in the administration 2000-2006 there was created the National consultative Advice for the persons' integration with disability.

It would be up to the government of the President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, where there is countersigned the commitment of the Federal Government to work for the development and the incorporation of the persons with disability, not as a topic of charity if not as an elementary recognition of thier rights like persons.

Consequently, the National Advice for the persons with disability (CONADIS) is born with General Law of the persons with Disability publication, on June 10, 2005, in order to establish the bases that allow the full incorporation of the persons with disability, inside a frame of equality.

Mission and Vision

To carry out on national level, the interinstitutional and intersecretarial coordination in order to achieve a normative and operative level the full incorporation of the persons with disability in all the areas of the life.

To stimulate on the national level the recognition, the equality of opportunities and the promotion of the human rights of the persons with disability.

Technical secretariat

As administrative unit responsible for the works arranged by CONADIS, the technical secretariat coordinates the meetings of the advices.

Technical Advice

The regular works are realized by means of the Technical Advice, that it joins with the persons in charge, designated by the holders, permanent guests and the representatives of the Consultative Advice.

Consultative Advice

Consultative Advice is an organ of advising and consultation, of honorific character, which joins in agreement to  public summons for representatives of the organizacions of the civil society.

With the intention of studying and proposing the conducive thing, to stimulate the formulation and execution of policies, programs and actions that  cooperate to the fulfillment of the aims and goals arranged by the PRONADDIS, in CONADIS's bosom they install committees of work, where they inform several instances invited of all the areas related to the topics.
 Every committee is coordinated by a representative of the Consultative Advice, designated by the instance of government responsible for the topic inside CONADIS and they are summoned to meet by the periodicity that the works need
The totality of the committees are the following ones:

- Accessibility and universal design
- Social assistance
- Culture
- Social development
- Education
- Health
- Juridical security and access to the justice
- Work and training and sport

Contact us

National Advice for persons with disability is located in:
Avenue Paseo de la Reforma #450, 6th stage, Juárez colony

Phone D.F. (55) 55145321 y 55145983
e-mail: discapacidad@salud.gob.mx
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Paseo de la Reforma # 450, Col. Juárez, Deleg. Cuauhtémoc

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